15th International Rapeseed Congress | Berlin



The RAPOOL-RING is a cooperation between three medium-sized German plant breeders, with over 40 years’ experience.

Competence – With rapeseed knowledge since 120 years

The first breeding programs within RAPOOL were launched 120 years ago. This is the cradle of European rapeseed breeding. The origins of rapeseed’s success story in Europe lie in  breeders from RAPOOL’s three shareholders. RAPOOL boasts the longest history in this field and the most extensive experience with rapeseed.

Breeding – largest rapeseed breeding network in Europe

RAPOOL has the largest rapeseed growing network in Europe. Variety performance and suitability for cultivation are regularly tested and optimized in more than 180 locations and on over 100,000 plots. Today, RAPOOL, with its  breadth of experience and future-oriented strategy, breeds maximum-performance varieties particularly suited to addressing emerging challenges.

Yield – hybrid varieties with maximum efficiency

RAPOOL’s modern hybrid varieties secure higher seed and oil yields. Introduced as late sowing specialists, today RAPOOL hybrid varieties provide a viable response to current breeding requirements, addressing the demands of reduced tillage, fertilization and plant protection procedures, harvesting and sowing time flexibility and increasingly extreme weather conditions.

Quality – seed production completely from one-stop source

RAPOOL offers an all-round program of research, breeding, seed production, treatment technology and sales. Quality rapeseed with 100%, germination, optimal treatment, as well as rapid delivery are the key hallmarks. Benchmarking to German yardsticks, RAPOOL consistently implements the highest product quality standards in international markets.

Consulting – practical and cooperative

RAPOOL offers comprehensive advisory concepts for farmers in all the countries where it operates. These encompass information on field days and events, as well as extensive and competent practical on-site consultation. RAPOOL supports farmers, drawing on a sound partnership strategy.