15th International Rapeseed Congress | Berlin

Detailed Information About All Topics

The IRC 2019 especially springs to life with the contributions and insights given by its participants. We are looking forward to fascinating speeches, lively discussions, and valuable poster contributions.
Following you will find eight different topics in which contributions will be presented.

1. Genetics, Genomics and Breeding

• Pan-genomic revolution in crucifer genetics and breeding (genome organisation, structural variation, plasticity
• New diversity, interspecific hybridization, wide crosses
• Improving plant development: plant architecture, phenology
• Genetics, physiological basis and improvement of resource use efficiency
• Genetics and breeding for improved seed composition for human and animal nutrition (oil, protein, minor components)
• Breeding for higher heterosis and hybrid yield in OSR/canola
• Transgenics and New Breeding Techniques (NBT) - applications in OSR/canola research and breeding
• Genomic selection in OSR/canola
• Breeding for abiotic stress tolerance in OSR/canola (cold, heat, drought, etc.)

2. Diseases and Pests, Plant Protection and Weeds

• Major fungal and viral diseases, regional impact and measures of control (e.g. Blackleg, Clubroot, Sclerotinia, Verticillium, Alternaria, TuYV)
• Breeding for disease resistance
• Chemical protection against insect pests, safeguarding beneficials and non-target organisms (e.g. bees)
• Breeding for insect resistance or tolerance in OSR/canola
• Weed control in OSR/canola incl. herbicide resistance

3. Agronomy and Crop Science

• International comparison of OSR/canola cultivation
• Optimizing crop rotations for/with OSR/canola
• NUE - Nutrient use efficiency (N, P, other)
• Requirements of OSR/canola cultivation in temperate regions
• Identifying suitable variety types adapted to adverse conditions

4. Analysis, Use of Products

• Economy in gross quality of OSR/canola commodities (long-time trend)
• Seed chemistry and seed composition
• Oil quality (low sats, omega-3, HOLLI, HEAR)
• Meal quality - protein and antinutritives (fibre, glucosinolates, phytate, sinapin): Genetic vs technological approach
• OSR/canola oil as biofuel

5. Rapeseed/Canola for Human Nutrition

• OSR/canola oil for human nutrition
• Oil composition vs. stability and functionality - Quality requirements for oil from OSR/canola (minor components, sensoric aspects)
• "Fish oil" (EPA, DHA) from crucifers (OSR/canola, Camelina)
• Protein for human nutrition
• Politics, markets, consumer affairs (e.g. GMO)

6. Rapeseed/Canola for Animal Nutrition

• Requirements for the use of OSR/canola cake and extraction meal: breeders‘ and nutritionists‘ view
• Improvement of meal/protein quality for ruminants, pigs, poulty, and aquaculture
• Politics, markets, environment, acceptance (e.g. GMO)

7. Economy and Market

• Global comparison of OSR/canola farm economy
• Optimizing farm economy with OSR/canola: Australia, Canada, China, and Europe
• Global status of genetically modified or genome edited OSR/canola
• Global markets of OSR/canola oil (incl. biodiesel), meal and protein
• Sustainability of OSR/canola production

8. Mustard and Other Cruciferous Oilseed Crops.  



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