15th International Rapeseed Congress | Berlin

Integrated pest and crop management

third draft, status May 15th, 2019

Wednesday, 08:30-10:00

Room: A03|A04

Chair: t.b.a.

Title and all Authors
Integrated pest and disease management to optimise yield in winter oilseed rape
J. Smith, C. Tucker, P. Berry
15 min
VIBRANCE OSR: a Novel Seed Treatment Solution for Control of Soilborne Diseases in Oilseed Rape
 B. Slaats, M. Joss, F.  Brandl, L. Gobert
15 min
Growing spring oilseed rape without insecticide seed treatments: the Swedish experience
O. Lundin, R. Bommarco
15 min
Use of agronomical techniques to manage rape winter stem weevil (Ceutorhynchus picitarsis) and cabbage stem flea beetle (Psylliodes chrysocephala) populations in winter oilseed rape.
C. Robert, C. Legall, C. Pontet, V. Lecomte, M. Geloen, S. Cadoux, G. Sauzet, L. Ruck
15 min
Promoting Biodiversity in Canola Cropping Systems: Ecosystem Services on the Canadian Prairies
G. Sekulic
15 min
Winter Canola Requires Unique Adaptation to the U.S. Southern Great Plains
M. Stamm, S. Dooley
15 min