15th International Rapeseed Congress | Berlin

Genetics of Root Traits + Breeding Methodology

fifth draft, status June 12th, 2019

Wednesday, 08:30-10:00

Room: B05|B06

Chair: Mukhlesur Rahman

Title and all Authors
Understanding root traits – genetics, genomics and transcriptomic approaches in rapeseed/canola
M. Rahman, M. Arifuzzaman
15 min
Genomic analyses of rapeseed dissect selective signatures and genetic networks underlying plant architecture and yield traits
X. Wu, J. Hu, T. Xie, J. Zhao, G. Gao, J. C. Pires, J. Batley, H. An, B. Chen, G. Yan, F. Zhang, L. Li, H. Li, X. Cheng, J. Ma, K. Xu, M. Zhang, X. Xiao, Y. Luo, J. C. Pires, H. Li, Q. Huang, Y. Hui, X. Zhou, R. Li, S. Tian
15 min
Temporal genetic patterns of root growth in Brassica napus L
X. Dun, J. Wang, L. Kuang, X. Wang, G. Liu, H. Wang
15 min
Genetic diversity of oilseed rape root morphology in response to nitrogen supply
C. Hermans, J. Louvieaux, L. Haelterman, L. Kupcsik, J. Xu, I. Bancroft, A. Stahl, R. Snowdon, S. Faure, A. Boucher, A. Laperche, N. Nesi
15 min
Development and In-Field Validation of Genomic and Optimal Haploid Value Selection for Disease Resistance, Agronomic, and Seed Quality Traits in Canola
H.D. Daetwyler, M.Fikere, D. M. Barbulescu, M. M. Malmberg, F. Shi, J. C.O. Koh, S. Norton, P. A. Salisbury, S. Kant, P. Maharian, J.Panozzo, G.C. Spangenberg, N. O.I Cogan
15 min
Analysis of training population effects on genomic selection in Brassica napus L.
J. Sun, E. E. Higgins, R. W. Duncan
15 min