15th International Rapeseed Congress | Berlin


fifth draft, status June 12th, 2019

Tuesday, 13:45-15:00

Room: A03|A04

Chair: Lone Buchwaldt

Title and all Authors
Lectin genes, concanavalin, curculin and hevein, enhances resistance to the fungal pathogen Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in Brassica napus
L. Buchwaldt, D. Hegedus, D. Bekkaoui, J. Durkin, J. Nettleton, E. Dzananovic
20 min
Synchronous improvement of subgenomes in rapeseed for Sclerotinia resistance
Y. Ding, J. Mei, W. Yang, B. Yan, H. Wan, W. Qian
15 min
Identification of Brassica juncea germplasm resistant to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and study of inheritance in early generations
P. Sharma, V. V. Singh, N. C. Gupta, P. D. Meena, P. K. Rai
15 min
Genome-wide association study to dissect the genetic regulation of metabolism and resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in Brassica napus
Y. Zhang, M. Tang, Y. He, J. Huang, Y. Liu, X. Cheng, J. Liu, L. Liu, C. Tong, S. Liu
15 min
A critical role for AtGDSL1 lipase gene in Sclerotinia sclerotiorum resistance and functional identification of its rapeseed homologue that underwent selection during breeding
X. Tan, L. Ding, M. Li, X. Guo, M. Tang, J. Cao, Z. Wang, K. Zhu, L. Guo, S. Liu 
15 min