15th International Rapeseed Congress | Berlin

Genomic Diversity (continued)

third draft, status May 15th, 2019

Tuesday, 13:45-15:15

Room: C01

Chair: t.b.a.

Title and all Authors
Quantitative disease resistance and structural genome variation
C. Obermeier, I. Gabur, H. S. Chawla, P. Vollrath, R. Snowdon
15 min
Resequencing and multi-environmental phenotyping of 1650 accessions of Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)
X. Wu, G. Gao, T. Xie, X. Cheng, G. Yan, Bi. Chen, L. Li, H. Li, S. Chen, F. Chen, Y. Tu, M. Wang, Y. Xiang, M. Fu, Z. Huang, H. Wang
15 min
Whole-genome resequencing reveals Brassica napus origin and genetic loci involved in its domestication and  improvement
K. Lu, L. Wei, X. Li, X. Wang, A. H. Paterson, J. Li
15 min
Resequencing 991 rapeseed genomes from a world-wide  collection reveals genetic basis of  ecotype divergence: A powerful platform for GWAS on agronomic and quality traits
D. Wu, Z. Liang, T. Yan, Y. Xu, Q. Wang, L. Shen, H. Yu, L. Jiang
15 min
Population Genomic Analyses Identify Signatures of Selection and Loci Associated with Agronomic Traits in Brassica Napus
Y. Zhang, M. Tang, Y. Liu, J. Huang, M. Hu, C. Tong, Y. Zhou, X. Cheng, L. Yang, L. Yang, S. Liu
15 min
Computational Prediction and Characterization of 3D Genome Organization in Brassica napus
K. MacKay, T. Bender, I. Parkin, A. Kusalik, S. Robinson
15 min