15th International Rapeseed Congress | Berlin

New Crop Diversity

fifth draft, status June 12th, 2019

Monday, 13:30-15:00

Room: C01

Chair: Anneliese Mason

Time Title and all Authors Duration
Natural and induced genome structural variation in oilseed rape

Z.He, I.Bancroft, L. Havlickova

20 min
Specific chromosome rearrangements and allelic variants influence fertility and genome stability in novel Brassica allohexaploids

A. S. Mason, R. Gaebelein, S. V. Schiessl, B. Samans, J. Batley

20 min
Expanding a novel gene pool of Brassica napus with massive introgression of related oilseed species and exploring its intersubgenomic heterosis

J. Zou, D. Hu, J. Jing, H. Qin, W. Zhang, Y. Zhang, J. Shen, J. Meng

15 min
Genome reshuffling revealed by  mapping and genome sequencing of progenies from interspecific crosses involving B. carinata, B. rapa and B. napus

Y. Zhang, X. He, H. Zhang, H. Xue, D. Hu, H. Qin, M. Wang, Q. Yang, J. Meng, J. Zou

15 min
Breeding Brassica napus canola by use of B. oleracea: Mapping flowering time and biomass traits in the C genome of B. napus using a population carrying genome content introgressed from B. oleracea

H. Rahman, R. A. Bennett, B. Kebede

15 min