15th International Rapeseed Congress | Berlin

Insect Pest

fifth draft, status June 12th, 2019

Monday, 13:30-15:00

Room: B05|B06

Chair: Nadine Austel

Title and all Authors
Breeding perspectives for pest control in rapeseed
S. Rietz, S. Goertz, K. Lohaus, I. Vollhardt, B. Ulber, K. Feussner, K. Zienkiewicz, I. Feussner, N. Austel, T. Meiners, G. Leckband
15 min
Effect of hairiness in Brassica lines on flea beetle feeding behavior
C. Olivier, T. Wist, D. Hegedus, Z. Heydarian, A. Jones
Development of molecular tools for identification and monitoring of main weevil pests and natural enemies in OSR
C. Robert, S. Bothorel, S. Luce, A. Lauvernay, M. Leflon, G. Delvare, J.C. Streito, E. Pierre, P. Cruaud, M. Ollivier, G. Genson, A. Cruaud,J.Y.  Rasplus
15 min
Damage from the brassica pod midge Dasyneura brassicae in relation to landscape factors and abundance of the midge and the seed pod weevil
M. C. Larsson, A. Rösvik, E. Johansson, K. Henriksson, P. Anderson
15 min
Identification of plant traits related to the tolerance of WOSR to pollen beetle
A. Jullien, A. Pinet, A. Mathieu, C. Richard-Molard, A. Fortineau
15 min
Non-targeted metabolome profiling of green flower buds in oilseed rape: Screening for resistance against the pollen beetle
N. Austel, C. Böttcher, T. Meiners
15 min