Dietmar Brauer

Born in March 1963 Dietmar Brauer is raised in Hohenlieth (Schleswig-Holstein), he is married and has one child. After a business apprenticeship and a study of business administration he joins the company of his family Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht Hans-Georg Lembke KG (NPZ) in Hohenlieth in 1987. In 1991/92 NPZ repurchases the breeding station in Malchow/Island of Poel (after expropriation in 1945) and Dietmar Brauer gets Managing Director of this branch in Malchow.

In 1997 he becomes General Managing Partner of the NPZ-group including following companies: NPZ Semences SARL Paris (France), NPZ Ukraina, Kiev (Ukraine), LS Plant Breeding (UK), LS Production (France), DL Seeds Morden/MA (Canada). The NPZ group employs more than 250 members of staff at three locations. He is also Partner of the breeding company W. v. Borries-Eckendorf GmbH & Co. KG, Eckendorf (Germany) and Director of the Board of NPZ Australia.

Furthermore, Mr. Brauer is Managing Director of the sales organisation Rapool-Ring GmbH and Vice-Chairman of the sales organisation Saaten-Union GmbH. He is also Vice-chairman of the Union zur Förderung von Oel- und Proteinpflanzen e.V. (UFOP) and member of the Board in several organisations like European Seed Association (ESA), Bundesverband Deutscher Pflanzenzüchter e.V. (BDP) and Vice-President of the European Oilseed Association (EOA) in Brussels and Paris.