Prof. Henning Kage

Prof. Henning Kage works on different aspects of sustainable cropping systems from crop to cropping system level. In particular he is/was involved in projects for phenotyping cereal crops and oilseed rape, measurement and modelling of GHG emissions in bioenergy crops (maize/oilseed rape), heat and drought stress on cereal crops, model based nitrogen fertilization advisory systems and crop rotation effects on resource use efficiency of cropping systems. Experimental field work combined with problem specific tailored dynamic system models play a key role in the work of his group.

Prof. Kage earned his PhD from Goettingen University, Germany in 1992 on a topic about simulation modelling of nitrogen uptake efficiency of faba beans. He further worked as a PostDoc at the Potsdam-Institute of Climate Impact Research and as an assistant professor at Hannover University, Germany, within the area of vegetable cropping systems. Since 2003 he is professor for Agronomy and Crop Science at Kiel University, Germany.