Prof. Andreas von Tiedemann

Andreas von Tiedemann is heading the Division of Plant Pathology and Crop Protection at the University of Goettingen since 2002. He is an agricultural plant pathologist by training with the main scope in fungal diseases of arable crops. In 2010, he has implemented an international master programme on Crop Protection in Goettingen which has so far attracted students from more than 30 countries. The main focus in research is on enhancing the knowledge about the occurrence, epidemic development and damage potential of plant diseases and the interaction with crop production systems. During the last two decades, a chief interest in his research has been on fungal diseases in oilseed rape including Phoma blackleg, Sclerotinia stem rot, Verticillium stem striping and club root. Andreas closely collaborates with breeders in order to identify sources of resistance in the wider brassica gene pool and to unravel mechanisms of cultivar-derived resistance through in-depth plant-fungus interaction studies. Further research goals address the development of IPM tools such as forecasting systems or biological approaches in crop protection.